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The Wesleyan Pattern of Prayer and Fasting

This isn’t just a “Lent” thing; it’s a “regular Christian practice” thing; but Lent is a great time to begin. Our world desperately needs the healing, hope, and salvation offered in Jesus Christ. You can become part of this important movement by joining us as we fast and pray weekly for Holy Spirit power to share the good news so that the world may know Jesus Christ.

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Unseen Ripples

I believe that each of us is a crucial part of the way God works to make God's dream for creation a reality. God works by touching people, transforming people, nurturing people, caring for people, comforting people, strengthening people, guiding people, liberating people, and God does all of it through people.

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The “E” Word, or, “We Don’t Talk About That In Polite Company”

Repeatedly, across denominations, both within and outside the church, I have encountered hesitation, frustration, misunderstanding, denial, negativity, and even outright hostility in response to the entire topic of evangelism. Few people, it seems – at least in Western context, are comfortable talking about evangelism, much less engaging in it.

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Christian Declaration on Caring for Refugees: An Evangelical Response

Refugees possess the imago Dei. All persons, regardless of citizenship, ethnicity, or religion, are made in God’s image. Humanity is the pinnacle of creation, and it is precisely because we bear God’s image that every human has inherent worth and that every person, regardless of nationality or any other differentiating marker, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

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