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Annuals or Perennials: The Flash or the Long Haul?

It's the long haul relationships that provide the most fertile ground for the Holy Spirit's work. It's in those relationships of mutuality, where hopes and dreams can be shared, where experiences of faith can be expressed; it's in those relationships that the Holy Spirit works in its most powerful, life transforming ways for the long haul.

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How to Do Personal Evangelism

What should evangelism look like in the 21st century? In this Seven Minute Seminary video for Seedbed, I explain that though evangelism is always contextual, it can and should be defined by our posture before others.

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The Creator God Who Redeems

As we reach out to others on behalf of Jesus Christ, we would do well to remember that sin – our need for redemption – is not the reason for God’s grace. God’s grace is part of God’s very nature. It was alive and active within our Triune God and bore creation into existence long before sin entered the picture. And it will abound overwhelmingly, long after sin has been eliminated and God’s new creation is experienced in all its fullness.

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Do we really love people the way we say we do?

We need to continually check in with ourselves and ask some probing questions. Do we consistently show love for other people? Are we interested in knowing others outside the church, are we willing to actually learn about their lives or genuinely listen as they relate the challenges and struggles of their past or present? Do we really love people the way we say we do?

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From One Degree of Glory

The painting Reflections, celebrates the awesome process of changing into who we are and whose we are, God’s children, made in his image. God finds such delight in this process, especially when we reflect and acknowledge his grace within the journey.

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Foggy tree

Life, Faith and Growing Trees

Arborists know they may not see the full results of their labor, but they know that what they are working for is of great significance and is worth their effort now. Following Jesus can be like that. Offering forgiveness, working for reconciliation in our personal relationships and in our communities, loving our neighbor, sharing our experience of faith – we may not see the result of our labor, but these things are of great significance and worth our effort now.

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