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Her Hands

Though I look to the future and the exciting surprises it will likely bring, my reflective self tends to look to the past – to things that have shaped me and grounded me and instilled a certain kind of DNA within me that strengthens and sustains.

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What Is The Gospel?

It is the creator God who redeems rather than the redeeming God who also creates. Understanding it's the creator God who redeems points to the glorious truth of the Gospel: from the very beginning God has desired a relationship of wholeness with all creation and though other powers may masquerade as such, the Triune God is the true and only Lord of the world and everything in it.

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Why Three Is the Magic Number*

Reaching underserved people, working for justice and peace, serving the poor and hurting, these deeds bring integrity and power to our witness. But there is only one thing that distinguishes these deeds from the same deeds of non-Christians: the person in whose name we act - Jesus Christ.

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IKEA Discovers the Secret to Evangelism

But when we share faith with others, we don't tell them what they should believe. We tell them what we believe - and more importantly, who we trust, which brings us once again to relationship.

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