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How Big is your Tent?

The number one reason God created us was so that we could know God in an intimate way. The second reason was so others could know God thru us. And that is where stretching enters the picture. Living into both of those created purposes isn’t about our ability. It's about God’s ability and our expand-ability – our availability and willingness to be stretched for God's purpose.

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3 Myths about Evangelism (and why they cause so many problems)

When we come to understand evangelism as sharing with someone in the context of relationship, our horizons are expanded. It’s no longer about a pressured situation of influence or persuasion, but an ongoing journey of exploration and growth. We become vehicles of the Holy Spirit of Jesus, walking and talking with others as they begin to see things in a new way.

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Version 2

The New Wesley 100

We’re drawing once again on John Wesley, who said that all he needed was 100 people who loved God and hated sin – he didn’t give a hoot whether they were lay or clergy. He was convinced that if he had 100 people who loved God and hated sin, they would shake the gates of hell and usher in the kingdom of God on earth. Are you one of the #Wesley100? #IamOne!

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The Miracle of Mouths and Ears

Without the attention of Christmas or Easter, Pentecost comes and goes. Most of us mark it on a Sunday and then move right into “Ordinary Time”; yet this one day, and what it marks, is integral to understanding not only Christian faith in general, but evangelism specifically. Without Pentecost – that miracle of communication – evangelism is reduced to a mechanistic step-by-step procedure filled less with love than prescription. But when the Holy Spirit comes, everything mechanical is blown away, and we’re left with the miracle of mouths and ears.

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Tile geckos

Beauty and Brokenness

A couple of summers ago, my sister spent a week with me while her son attended a camp at a nearby university. One of the many reasons I looked forward to that week was because we were planning to undertake an outdoor art project while she was there – something I never would have done on my own. We had recently finished a kitchen remodel and I had a good deal of tile left over, so we decided to create a tile mural on the side of our deck. I was so excited! Of course, when I thought about a tile mural, I envisioned using the existing square tiles to create something nice, neat, and orderly. Not Kerry. She envisioned a mosaic. Why don’t we just break these tiles up and use the pieces to make something new?

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